Cosa Bella

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Directed by Fiona Mackenzie, 15 minutes, United States
The showcase film of She Likes Girls is a real disappointment, with a shoddy appearance and characters we are asked to care far too much about too quickly. Belle feels trapped in a dead-end relationship with her college roommate, Delphine. Nothing much happens for most of the film, and the sex scene has typical artsy rather than arousing intentions, but there is a cute puppy featured. Amazing songs from Sia and Joseph Arthur (that you may recognize from the soundtracks of Six Feet Under and The L Word) waste their emotion on characters we neither know nor like.
Friends with privileges? Best friends and intimates? What defines a bisexual college relationship turned into a real life passion? Delphine, French, sexy, capricious and married, is in love with her best friend from college, Belle, a beautiful and successful interior designer in New York City. Conducting a clandestine relationship for years, Belle ends it, but meets great resistance from Delphine who is used to “having it all.” Sexy, passionate and heartfelt, the two lovers meet one last time for a loving rendezvous. An all nighter turns into a three way of broken hearts, when Delphine’s husband realizes he is up against a serious competitor for his young wife’s heart and Delphine must make a grown up decision.

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